Class of 2019 Graduation – 30 November 2019

Advanced Certificate in Kitchen Operations: Admissions
12th November 2019
The Swiss Hotel School 2010 Graduate, Sinabo Dlamini
17th February 2020

Our journey at the Swiss Hotel School began on the 19th of January 2017. I didn’t pick just any school because I knew my career would depend on the academic foundation I lay. 

I always live by this quote if you fail to plan – you plan to fail. 

According to Mrs. Mugadza – we plan to adapt, retain, extend, innovate, evolve and differentiate. So I knew this was a strategic plan I had to think about very carefully. 

On behalf of the Class of 2019, I would like to thank the lecturers for bridging the gap in what Mr. Cameron likes to mention called, the Zone of Proximal development – which is the distance between what a learner can do by themselves and what a learner can do with assistance. 

I won’t be dishonest and say this was an easy journey but ladies and gentlemen – the process by which we give meaning to our environment by organizing and interpreting sensory impressions – is called perception – the gentle Mr. Pillhoffer taught us that. We interpret what we see and call it a reality. And my reality was one filled with growth and development for which I will forever be grateful. 

I thank all the parents in this room, especially my mom and dad for always offering support at all times. Even though we knew our balance sheets weren’t balancing and I cannot emphasize on how many occasions Mr Bernarde mentioned the word “Duur Mekaar” in our Accounting lectures because things weren’t coming together sometimes. But because of you Sir, our life is finally coming together, things are balancing and we’ll certainly be able to compile cash flow budgets for our companies one day. 

I would like to offer my greatest Thank You to The Swiss Hotel School in general. 

Firstly for being the best Hospitality school in the game and secondly for ensuring that we will not be contributing to the 29% unemployment rate in South Africa and how do I know that? – I have the lovely Dr. Van Schalwyk to thank you for that. 

To Mr. Martin – A special thanks to you. 

An olive has to go through three stages, for its oil to run: It has to go through the shaking, the beating, and the pressing.

And just like the olive, you’ve taken us through these stages, but it was all for good. Personally, the knowledge you’ve imparted on me is impeccable and I will forever be grateful for your generosity. 

Finally to my amazing 3rd years – I’ll leave you with these words, 

This is not only the end of our journey at The Swiss Hotel School but the beginning of a beautiful life after graduation and I hope you remember the sense of transition today brings. 

I hope you go into the world and not only become leaders that inspire but ones that your followers will be proud of. I pray you never limit your mind to what you are capable of but live each day knowing and believing you’re powerful beyond measure – the world is your oyster and I do hope we cross paths again. 

Mercy Mahopa