Covid-19 declared a National Disaster by State President, The Swiss Hotel School Responds.

Thank you for hosting The St Lawrence Children’s Haven Charity Event
3rd March 2020
The Swiss Hotel School Important Update: COVID-19
26th March 2020

The Swiss Hotel School response – 16th March 2020.

Following the President’s announcement yesterday we have decided that of the various bad alternatives open to us; closing the School on Wednesday 18th March is our best option.

We did consider soldiering on for another week until the situation becomes clearer but felt that with the likelihood of parents keeping a growing number of students away from classes this would soon lead us to some difficult decisions: should we start new material? what should we do about scheduled assessments etc.?

With High Schools closing from Wednesday, as well as most of the mainstream public Universities talking about suspending classes from today, we did not feel we had a choice.

School is tentatively scheduled to restart on Tuesday 14th April, but this decision is subject to change.

In order to complete our educational programmes the following measures will be put in place.

  1. Faculty members, in an attempt to maintain some forward momentum, will create “homework” using distance learning processes for students to complete whilst at home. Existing assignments will also be expected on the published due date.
  2. The scheduled holiday during the week commencing 27th April is canceled.
  3. On return to school, additional afternoon or even Saturday classes will be held.
  4. The mid-year holiday is reduced to one week.

Students who are currently on short internships should continue with their commitment if their employers are agreeable and if it is safe to do so. Clearly many hotels, restaurants, and retailers are already reporting cancellations and poor trading. The internship is an integral element of the educational programme and we encourage students to grasp this opportunity if it is still there. However, students who have to abandon the internship will not be prejudiced in completing their qualification. That said time may have to be made up later.

In fairness to our industry partners, students exiting internships should involve the school in the communication.

For students on a long internship, the advice is the same but complicated in the instance of international travel with flight cancellations, visas, and quarantine restrictions. Again if we can involve the school in any early departures that would be appreciated. Internship portfolios will be due as previously notified.

The Advanced Certificate in Kitchen Operations workshop (30th March to 2nd April) will be discussed with the participants but this time is still going ahead.

If students, parents or sponsors have suggestions or questions, the School will be manned during normal business hours. If students wish to avail themselves of the facilities during the closure, they will be very welcome.

The safety of all is our prime concern.

Best regards,

Nicholas S Martin, Director.