Swiss Hotel School Hospitality Management student wins a trip to Peru!

1 Jun 2017

The Swiss Hotel School’s 3rd year students host an annual restaurant project in October each year. Students are to plan, manage and execute the project in its entirety – from deciding on a theme, budgeting, inventory, staffing and marketing. It is highly successful project as students gain genuine hands-on experience of what it’s like to run their own restaurant.


Last year was inspired by a South American/Peruvian theme and aptly named “Casa Del Fuego”. One lucky student, Mosa Mokgoera, won a trip to Peru and below is a summary of her wonderful experiences there.


My Peruvian Culinary & Culture Adventure, by Mosa Mokgoera 


Peruvian pastry is far more interesting  than we give it credit for and we really didn’t do it justice during “Casa Del Fuego”. They sure do have a thing for layers, like the “thousand layer” cake we had on display there is Bola de oro. This is a very traditional layered cake made for special occasions such as baptisms and Holy Communion.




Bola de oro

The fruits and cover are made from mana, which is dough made from eggs, milk, sugar and icing sugar.






Merengado de chirimoya con mousse de lúcuma y Chantilly (Chirimoya filled meringue and lúcuma mousse and Chantilly cream).

This dessert uses interesting fruits namely lúcuma and chirimoya

(o r c h irim u y a a s it’s known by the Inca people)




 Lúcuma is also known as ͞egg fruit͟ as its flesh texture is similar to that of a hardboiled egg yolk, and its taste is described as maple and sweet potato. It grows in the more tropical regions of Peru.






Chirimoya or custard apple is very tasty and has a soft and creamy

texture also grown in the more tropical regions of Peru and other parts of the world.







Barranco (which means ravine in Spanish and actually a description of its topography) is a beautifully artistic district. From the street art, to the local arts, crafts, flea markets and various eating

establishments, it is the perfect destination for embracing and submerging in the rich culture while

still being in the city.


I had the privilege of visiting "Museo Mario Testino" which houses the works of famous Peruvian

fashion photographer Mario Testino (whose works we actually considered for Casa Del Fuego).



Out and about in the town...


We waited almost an hour to eat at a nameless, green exterior restaurant; the ceviche alone was worth the wait! It was so incredibly fresh (the perks of an ocean lined city) and succulent, with a perfect acidity balance in the citrus marinade. Don’t let the rustic appearance fool you; the local food is far better than how it looks. The beer is pretty decent too, but the wine leaves a lot to be desired.






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