The Swiss Hotel School 2010 Graduate, Marina Reynders

St Laurence’s Children’s Haven Cow Boys & Country Girls Charity Event.
27th July 2019
The Swiss Hotel School 2003 Graduate, William Sharp
10th October 2019

“I developed a passion for hospitality in high school, working in restaurants on weekends and during my holidays. My mentor during that time very quickly saw the potential to develop my passion into a career and suggested that I look into studying hospitality management once I matriculated. During my research it was clear from the start that the Swiss Hotel School was not only the best choice due to the opportunities that this college offered its students for career growth and experiences overseas, but most importantly the opportunity it gave its students to develop their own styles in becoming hospitality professionals, with the guidance of some of the best lecturers the country has to offer.

While all beginnings may be challenging, the high standards and drive to perfection that were drilled into me during my studies, not only helped me develop into a disciplined hospitality professional, but made it clear to me that I not only study at the best college but that I wanted to work for the best industry professionals the world had to offer.  

I was lucky enough to do my 6 month internship in Arosa, Switzerland, where I applied a hard working mindset that I partly learnt at college, to my daily work routine. This mindset was quickly noticed at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, which then quickly turned to the Swiss Hotel School with more opportunities for internships.  

The Swiss Hotel School opened many doors for me – my career path led me to St. Moritz and Zurich, Switzerland, as well as Colorado, USA.

I gained experience and knowledge in the food and beverage departments of some of the best hotels in the world, as a Private Chef, Restaurant Professional and Event Manager, and now develop Hospitality Concepts and Events for the globally leading airline caterer, Gategroup.

The hospitality industry has so many different career paths to offer, from working on the ships and seeing the world, to being a part of the opening of a new restaurant or hotel, to managing sports clubs and organizing some of the world’s largest and most famous events and weddings.

The passion and drive to exceed every guest’s expectation and dream is what makes the difference and what makes us as hospitality professionals so unique in so many aspects.” – Marina Reynders