The Swiss Hotel School 2010 Graduate, Sinabo Dlamini

Class of 2019 Graduation – 30 November 2019
11th December 2019
The Swiss Hotel School 2013 Graduate, Ashley Ncube
17th February 2020

I graduated from the Swiss Hotel School in 2010. I couldn’t imagine how my 3 years at SHS, would shape me in this world of professional adventure.

The years of experience brought by the entire faculty is unmatched, and the personal relationships they build with each individual student meant that each student could seek mentorship to achieve their goals.

As a Hospitality School, SHS covered all aspects of the industry from Accounting to Business Management, not just creating chefs and restaurant managers but future business owners and opening a very wide world for one to find their place.

My goal was always to become a chef and I worked hard at it, however, attending the Swiss Hotel School opened so many more avenues. I was fortunate enough to be one of the few selected students to do my long internship in Stafa, Switzerland, albeit with a lot of hard work, where I built lifelong relationships.

Beyond that, I have worked with some of the finest chefs and restaurants, from the Saxon Hotel, who have always had good relations with the school, to The Ritz Carlton in America and most recently joining Etihad Airways as an Inflight Chef in the First Class Cabins. I have moved on to become a butler in the Residence of the airline. The only one of its kind.

I have been able to effortlessly move from Kitchen to front-of-house, to management and even to consulting. None of which would have been possible without the tutelage, professionalism, and dedication of the school to want the best and expect the best from each student.

Great artists do their best work because they’re excited or compelled to do it, not because they think it will be popular or big. The art you love was likely made from love. Ambition was an afterthought” – Neil Strauss. These words ring true whenever I look back, and the first image I have is walking through the doors on my first day at the Swiss Hotel School and being greeted with a smile and a “Good Morning Mr. Dlamini, we are glad you could join us. Welcome.”

The biggest thank you and appreciation to Mr. Nick Martin and Mr. Kuno Tschumi. Your guidance and wisdom always kept me going forward as a professional and importantly as a person.

~ Sinabo Dlamini.