The Swiss Hotel School 2015 Graduate, Anthony Howes

The Swiss Hotel School 2004 Graduate, Kevin Miller.
30th March 2020
The Swiss Hotel School 2015 Graduate, Talia Correia
2nd April 2020

My journey in the industry started when I was still in school, working part-time at Stay Easy Tsogo Sun in Rustenburg gaining experience before my Swiss Hotel School adventure commenced in 2013.

The hands-on approach that I was dealt with at an open day made it the obvious choice and, oh boy was it the right one! This was the approach throughout the course. The internships I went on opened my eyes to which departments I wanted to focus my talent and skills on. I thought I wanted to be a chef at the start, instead, I felt that I would prefer dealing with the customer face to face.

I did my long term internship in New Zealand at the Hermitage Hotel as a Fine dining waiter in Panorama, which grew my love customer interaction and product up-selling. My time overseas was an incredible adventure and a life-changing experience.

My first local Employment was at the Café 41 Group where I learned to conform to franchise rules and grow my managerial skill and technique. This was followed up by working for Moroccan Lifestyle managing food and beverage sales along with retail and imports. During my time there I was part of opening a second store, tasked with setting up the POS system from start to finish and control all our marketing, which was my primary purpose for being employed.

Today I am the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager for Reuben’s Restaurant at The IVY Villas & Spa in Sandton.

A word of advice, get your foot in the right door even if it means starting at the bottom, with hard work and dedication the right person will notice you and take you to places you could not imagine.

I sincerely hope you choose SHS and that we get to work together someday.

Anthony Howes

Assistant Food and Beverage Manager