The Swiss Hotel School 2015 Graduate, Nontu Mabena

The Swiss Hotel School 2015 Graduate, Talia Correia
2nd April 2020
The Swiss Hotel School 2017 Graduate, Gareth Kunz
6th April 2020

When I had joined SHS I was already qualified as a chef and I appreciated the fact that I had much more to learn.

Hospitality is not easy at all, regardless of the avenue chosen within the industry. At SHS I was put to the test in most of the fields until I was sure which one I wanted to pursue further. This industry needs you to have a backbone and not be sensitive. I learned the importance of detail, which plays an intricate role when delivering a service to clients. At SHS I learned that if you work for it, you will reap the benefits. I also learned that one constantly needs to refresh their ideas and continue learning as the industry changes with the times. People will always appreciate a service that comes from an honest place.

I am now a private chef. I provide a personal touch to normal catering. I find that my interaction with clients makes them enjoy my service more. I plan to continue to grow my business with the skills I have learned and I hope to give others the advice to help them move forward, too.

I still can’t shake the German out of me which is great because it helps when I have German clients.

Lastly thank you to the staff at SHS while I was there. Mr. T your very loud voice has impacted me more than you know!

Nontu Mabena

Private Chef