The Swiss Hotel School 2015 Graduate, Schinell Rodrigues

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23rd June 2020
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28th June 2020

I am proud to be a product of the Swiss Hotel School and my enriching experience at the school has made me a true “Hospitalian”.  The expert knowledge and skills learnt after graduating enabled me to further my studies and secure my current position as a Duty Manager at the new ‘5 bubble luxury’ rated Spa at Carden Park; a prestigious 4-star country hotel in the UK.

The in-depth knowledge passed on by SHS prepared me for my journey to my current position.

Following my time at SHS I went on to complete my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Les Roches University in Spain and was further chosen to be part of an Honours society known as ETA Sigma Delta; a prestigious award which recognises the scholastic and professional achievements of students.

The structure of the course at the SHS presented me with the opportunity to carry out a life-changing internship in the UK where I was trained and exposed to various functions from the bottom to top-level management positions. The fountain of knowledge received, nurtured and assisted my growth; making me a valuable resource to the same hotel which I am delighted to serve to date. By implementing the skills procured on the ground, I secured a place on their management training program, giving me a great opportunity to train and work in 10 departments within the hotel. This enabled me to obtain a healthy understanding of how the industry worked at different levels, breaking the monotony of skills set. This helped me solidify exactly where I see myself in the future.

As no one works in isolation on their way to success, I must admit that all the managers in my current hotel, whom I reported to, shared their skills without reservation and prepared me for the departmental role I am in, and for that, I am very grateful. I remember one keyword that was taught to me – humility, which enabled me to learn through my mistakes and perfect many scenarios which I may encounter in the near future.

A good foundation is an important key to success, and I know that without the strong grounding received during my three years at the SHS I would not be in the position that I am in today.