The Swiss Hotel School Important Update: COVID-19

Covid-19 declared a National Disaster by State President, The Swiss Hotel School Responds.
16th March 2020
The Swiss Hotel School 2004 Graduate, Kevin Miller.
30th March 2020

Following the President’s announcement on 23rd March 2020, the school will be closed from:

Thursday 26th March and scheduled to restart on Friday 17th April.

We have set up structures through our online platform to facilitate students in learning from home and will continue to update and communicate with our students throughout the lockdown phase.

All student internships have been suspended. The weeks that have not been completed have differed and dates for their completion will be announced when the school reopens.

During these unprecedented times, we would like to appeal to the SHS community to play their part in order to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on our country.

You can still get in touch with us, please see the details below:

1) For information on applications, admissions, and marketing:

  • Wade Scobbie – or 065 859 4512.

2) For student-lecturer engagement:

3) For supplies and general admin:

4) For chef specific queries:

Best regards,

Nicholas Martin



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