The Swiss Hotel School’s Charity Feeding Scheme is in Full Swing!

COVID-19 Update: The Swiss Hotel School Community Kitchen Initiative
29th May 2020
3rd June 2020

Chef Chad Humby pictured in the SHS kitchen with some first-year chef volunteers.

During the last two weeks, Chef Humby with the aid of some student volunteers produced some tasty and nutritious meals, for distribution to charity feeding schemes in Kya Sands and Cosmo City.

Facilitated by ‘Chefs with Compassion’, supported by the ‘SA Chefs Association’, Chef Chad has organised production of a range of dishes – mostly from plant-based proteins – which are then collected from the School by the charity organisations.

This is a bit of a departure from menus offered by the prestigious Chaine de Rotisseurs – of which Chef Chad is a proud member and leading light of their Pretoria Chapter, but it is “all in a day’s work” according to Chef.

The feat has been achieved in the school which is otherwise still closed and all COVID-19 regulations have been strictly observed.

Be on the lookout for Chad’s original “Soya Special” – highly recommended by Nick Martin, School Director.