Thirty3 on Bond, A letter from the General Manager

The Swiss Hotel School 2006 Graduate, Dion Vengatass.
10th September 2020
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10th December 2020

Thirty3 on Bond
A letter from the General Manager

The beauty of the restaurant project really leads back to the entire structure of how the Swiss Hotel School education is carried out. It highlights that practical knowledge and experience of an operation is vital to the fundamental understanding of it. This should be in conjunction with the theoretical studies. The practicality of running of a restaurant has shown me, and I am sure all who were involved, exactly what it means to run a restaurant under the safety and guidance provided by the experienced lecturers. As with any project there were shortfalls in our planning which we could not have known about due to a lack of experience, and not only did the project reveal them to us but allowed us to seek expert advice on how to solve the issues as they presented themselves.

The project taught us many invaluable skills. Creating a business from the ground up, in terms of budgeting, food costing and pricing, sales and marketing all opened our eyes to what is really involved in running a business, right down to having to work with the entire class to pull the project together and get all of the ships to sail over the horizon at the same time.

Personally, I learned what is really involved with higher level management. In all honesty my idea of the General Manager job was completely different to the reality of it and the educational value I took from this nobody will ever be able to take away from me. Considering our current laws new challenges presented themselves on a day to day basis. Being forced to learn how to get different people to work harder and work together without the easy option of just removing individuals from a team is an art that I was not even aware of before this project, never mind that it is something that takes a lot of practice and skill.

All in all, the project was a lot of work and came with a lot of stress, but as they say, a smooth sea never made a good sailor. The Swiss Hotel School has done the job perfectly of not only equipping the students with the knowledge they will need and preparing them for real world situations, but also making us the best at what we do in this industry.

Thank you SHS for the education you have given to us all.

Kind Regards
Andrew Witt (3rd year Diploma in Hospitality Management)